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Mortgage Rates

Mortgage rates are difficult to publish online because every loan is different and every borrower has a unique set of circumstances.  Below are examples of why mortgage rates can vary from borrower to borrower:

  • Cash out or No Cash Out
  • Amount of Equity in the Home
  • Credit Score
  • Purchase or Refinance
  • Escrows or No Escrows
  • Daily Interest Rate Fluctuations
  • Down Payment Amount
  • Primary or Investment Occupancy

These are some of the many factors that make up a rate quote.  For this reason, Starwest chooses not to publish misleading mortgage rates online.  Starwest prefers to give you an accurate and personalized rate quote for your specific situation, rather than use industry-wide bait and switch rate quoting tactics. Starwest's lending relationships help to ensure the most competitive rates available. 

Please call us today for a no-hassle rate quote at 480-962-5665, or click on the link below to fill-out our online form.

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